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This is a list of various terms you may hear used to describe various things in Wikia ACG and some descriptive info on the terms.

ACG Is a Taiwanese term which stands for Anime, Comics, Games. In North American terms it would mean Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Comics, Video Games. But in Wikia ACG the ACG stands for Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Comics, and related Games.
Top-level is a scope term used to describe the limited group of general wiki in Wikia ACG. The top-level wiki cover the very broad topics and use a Mini-wiki format to separate the various universes.
Mid-level is a scope term used to describe the wiki in Wikia ACG which cover multiple universes of series which are normally only related by the fact that they were created by the same author or company.
Lower-level is a scope term used to describe the many wiki in Wikia ACG which cover individual Series, Universes, or Franchises. Please note that the term used is lower-level and not low-level as the term is only a scope term used to describe the more focused scope of the wiki in the group and not imply that they are inferior to other wiki in the project.

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