Please note that this is the Wikia ACG project information area on the Projects wikia, if you came to this page from a link on another Wikia in Wikia ACG, then you should use the back button on your browser to return.


Dantman - The founder of the project. He's created many of the Templates used in the project (even if Copying from Wikipedia and then improving how they work) and also the CSS and JS systems. While also experienced in dealing with wiki communities he's also a programmer and very familiar with MediaWiki and creating extensions. As he has many wiki to manage even though there are many inactive Animanga Wikia he'd like to adopt, he instead waits for contributors interested in editing a specific wiki and helps them out by adopting that wiki and serving as administration help so the editors may focus on content.


Afker - The right-hand in gaming wiki inside of Wikia ACG. He was the one to request that the AliceSoftWiki join Wikia ACG which was the starting point in adding the Related-Games aspect to the scope of Wikia ACG, now far after the time the project joined he actively helps out in improving policies and showing the welcoming and lenient side of Wikia ACG.


Radaghast - The graphic artist. He started by accepting the request to work on the project characters for Wikia ACG's logos and other images. While his character images don't look much like the Wikipe-tan images Wikipedia has, he has proven himself an exceptional SVG artist and made very useful images for many of Wikia ACG's wiki.

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