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Goal -

Unify many of the Wikia wiki which fall under the scope of the project.

Goal -

Create a comprehensive resource on every series under the scope of the project, giving all of them space for full documentation instead of limiting series by notability.

Goal -

To help new wiki or inactive wiki which fall under the scope of the project start up much easier than when they are left to do the work themselves.

Help for...Edit and inactive wiki.Edit

Starting a new wiki or trying to make an inactive one active is a very tough job, and a lot of times it involves wiki repeating the same struggles that past wiki have struggled over but never helped make easier to solve. One of Wikia ACG's goals is to help solve many of these issues and make it much easier for a wiki within the scope of the project to startup. wiki with little technical help.Edit

...well developed wiki.Edit

Requirements of wiki in the projectEdit

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