Wikisocial 8 August 2006 (UTC)

Goal -

To make a social networking website using MediaWiki to allow true collaboration and communication between friends.

Short-term goalsEdit

To do -

Get Javascript hiding to work

Uh... yeah.

To do -

Fix the Help: namespace

To do -

New namespaces

Group: and Group talk: (Ideally serving the same function of Category), Blog: and blog talk: (one per user)

To do -


We need suggestions and people who can bring userboxes over from other wikis

To do -

Social Wikis

We're trying to make contact with other Social Wikis to integate a bit with them



Ccool2ax - Admin of WikiSocial


Drawde83 - Member of the project

Information and links Edit

About WikiSocial Edit

WikiSocial is a social networking site in the form of a Wiki. Every User uses his/her user page as their individual page. Groups, networking, etc. can be made using Categories. Clubs, groups, etc. can have pages in the Main namespace.

WikiSocial needs Policies and Guidelines, that can be proposed.

Other Edit

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