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In this page you can find some help about what the templates of this wiki can be used for.

Main Pages Edit

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Project Pages, policies, guidelines Edit

  • Template:Choose - to be put on top of every Project page, creates a little table where to choose the language of the page, and which contains the links to the main pages and the community portals in different languages.
    • Parameters: Pagename - has to be the English one
    • Template:Mains - The links to the main pages
    • Template:Comms - The links to the Community Portals
    • Template:Same - The links to the same page in other languages
  • Template:Multilingual - to be put on top of multilingual pages
  • Template:News - to read about the news of this wikia
  • Template:gl - to be put in the guideline pages
  • Template:pj - to be put in the pages about the projects
  • Template:po - to be put in the policy pages

Other templates Edit

Just for LDIs Edit

Tools Edit


  • Statement: {{st|statement}}
  • Quoted statement {{st/sc|statement|source}}
  • Goal: {{go|goal}}
  • Info: {{in|name|description}}
  • Subproject: {{up|name|description}}
  • LDI: {{op|name|description}}
  • Member: {{mb|name|what he does}}
  • To-do: {{td|title|who it is assigned|More info}}
  • Done: {{dn|title|who did it|More info}}
  • Milestone: {{ml|date|description}}
  • Proposal: {{pr|proposal|who proposes}}
  • Question: {{qu|question|who asks}}
  • Messages: {{ms|sender|message|receiver}}

Info at Tools

Tools are little tables that contain special elements, like a goal, a statement, to-do or so. For example the to-do (td) tool looks this way:

To do -

Delete the user page

Assigned to: Let's

See the Tools page

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