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1 March, 2010
-OrrarOT reset and restarted
-Distro TFS 8.54 Mystic Spirit
-Map planning started
-Implemention and improving of Rayne's Easy Spellsystem
-A few spells changed into RESsystem
-Big Bert added, prototype?
-MySQL chosen +apache
-MonsterPack downloaded
-Mapeditor ready for use ;)
-Probably a bit more
2 March, 2010
-Finished converting spells into RESsys
-Map iterator mapArea (~Colandus@otfans) added to global.lua
-Error; host cannot log in to server! Looking for help at! Acc manager works on several occasions. (Got disconnected after being online on acc manager, why?)
-Started planning cities and their detailed look.
-Spell added: Discharge! Exevo vita vis!
-Base for vocations added
-Spell added: Wolf Transform! Exeta vita lupus! Experimental name, spell not tested.
-Spells sorted by vocations, correct (for our ot) vocations fixed for spells. -Unfinished
3 March, 2010
-Spell sorting changed to type of spell, and continued.
-New GM Wand
-Vocation planning done (Basic)
-Planning of new spells started
4 March, 2010
-Spell sorting continued
-Spell planning continued
-Spell sorting finished 99,9%
-Mapping started
5 March, 2010
-Mapping continued
-Config configured

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