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100px 15 nov 06
Web development

Hello there! I thought: why not to use a wiki to organize yourself online? I mean: not only for open, collective projects, but also for the own things like time planning, getting things done, an so on. I don't know if it would be good to use this wikia for that, but I am not that shure. So I decided to start trying on this wikia, but as a project. I am organizing some of my things on this page. If you want to do it as well, feel free to do it.

Basically the idea consists in creating useful templates in order to make it easier to organize yourself. I'll make them on this wiki because they could be useful for LDIs as well.

The tools are interesting now, most of all the "to do" and the "done" tool. But I may develop new ones, more focused on someone that is going on alone.

Useful for this will be the ParserFunctions.

some attempts Edit

To do -

Great project

Assigned to: Let's

Let's - Smaller point

Status: done

Let's - Smaller point

Status: done

Deem - Other smaller point

Status: doing

Let's - Last point

Status: To do

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