Wikinode Edit

This page is a WikiNode, a wiki page that tells you how a wiki relates to other wikis. See the WikiNodesProject on taoriver for more information.

Proposals for collaboration and delegation can be discussed on the discussion page.

Welcome to Open Project Development Edit

This is Open Project Development. A wiki where everyone can start a project and develop it.

If you want to do something, this is the wiki where you can organize it. If you want to know how to do something, this wiki can be useful as it gives practical examples, and links to other wikis where project-concerning information is stored.

OPD and the world

Starting points Edit

Main Page | Recent changes | Content | Community Portal | About Open Project Development

Our neighbors and relationship to them Edit

Most of our neighbors are our specific info sources, while we're the place where they can develop related projects.

Meta Collab Edit

  • Meta Collab - a collaborative research on what collaboration is. Started 3 October, 2005

Relationship: Edit

Is our theoretical source. Most of the links about the theory of collaboration and project development bring to Meta Collab (except for the basics and articles about LDIs).

Sustainable community action Edit

  • Sustainable community action - a Wikia to develop information on all aspects of local sustainability, particularly community run action for sustainability. But also local sustainability in a global context.

Relationship: Edit

Information about environment, about what kinds of actions are possible, related to environment, link to Sustainable community action.

Public Relations Edit

  • Public Relations wiki is a community exploring all aspects of public relations as a profession, including its history, practices, tactics, ethics and its future.

Relationship: Edit

Is our theoretical source about public relations.

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