The project starts on editthis:

Let's launches a wiki on editthis with the name "LDIwiki", the first website of the LDI project. He knows that he will need the help and the ideas of other people to go on, so he decides that the first project added in his site will be "Let's develope the LDI project".

  • The LDI concept
  • Wiki
    • Wiki events
      • Site has been created
      • Lorenzo joins the project. From now on he helps developping the idea and the website.
      • First independent project has been created!
      • Some LDI proposals have been added
      • Request for hosting wiki made to wikia
      • Name of the LDI changed: from Let's develope the LDI project to Open Project Developing
      • Deem joins and makes his first edit. Now, we have three user.
    • Wiki Publicizing
      • LDIWiki added to list of all wikis of wikipedia: the article (note: will be deleted in 5 days, cathegorized as "Non-notable nearly empty web site, no claim per WP:WEB") - page deleted
      • Added to wikiindex: the article
      • LDIWiki posted on reddit
      • LDIWiki page on Wikiindex revised (new cathegory created: ProjectDevelopment)
        • Igenerator added to the cathegory
    • Wiki quality

Then, Let's asks wikia for the permission to host this kind of wiki on their server.