Goal -

Manage Public Relations of OPD

This is the subproject of Open Project Development for the public relations of OPD. We're using as a source the Public Relations wikia.

Handled Points Edit

Done -

Created a blog about online collaboration (in italian)

Done by: Let's

Doing Edit

  • Collaborating with different wikia
  • Posting to the blog
  • Posting to forums

To do Edit

To do -

Discuss what to do for the public relations of OPD

To do -

Ask some advice to the admin of pr-wikia

  • Publicizing
    • Link LDIWiki on other websites
      • Make a better article for wikipedia and wikiindex
      • Watch the LDIWiki articles on the wikiindex and wikipedia - change them to "projects"
      • Get the claim for WP:WEB in wikipedia (need to grow)
    • Link LDIWiki to forums

Members Edit


Let's - Member of the project

Sources Edit