This is a discussion page. What is Open Project Development? What the LDI principle? What a HOLDI? What kind of websites are optimal as HOLDIs? Here the concept of the whole is being developed.

In order to discuss here, you should have read The LDI concept.

Mission of OPD: This wiki wants to offer the possibility for people to do something in the world, and to collaborate through the web.

Some discussion points Edit

    • The idea has to be better defined - things like the look of an LDI, the best way to develop an LDI... and so on (also on Meta Collab)
    • LDI and other PM (project management) software and ? LDIs are open, can be watched, joined, developed in an open way. Need to contrast OPD from basecamp. Here's an account I created to try its features: projectdevelopment.
  • Give a name to discussions-with-a-goal.

Discussion Edit

MediaWiki maybe isn't THE solution. I don't know. Wiki is perfect for working on information. But what about managing something that has to happen outside of the web? I'm trying it in an other way, but we'll see... --Let's 20:52, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

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