Goal -

To create a net of related topics, LDIs and wikis

The net we want to create should bring more inter-wiki collaboration. If a project is based on a topic, we want to make it possible for the developers of the project to find a community, sources and other projects related to that topic. We should collaborate with other wikia deciding the different roles between OPD and them.

A Net page has already been created. Many of the nodes have no content, but for many of them there is (or could be) a specific wikia. The goal of this project is to contact that wikia and to create a relationship with it.

Some ideas Edit

  • Metacollab: theory of collaboration
    • OPD: practical laboratory on collaboration
  • Sca21: data on Sustainability and results of projects
    • OPD: sustainable projects being developed.
  • Public Relations wikia: data on Public Relation using LDIs as examples
    • OPD: develompent of projects that need PR.
  • Fundraising wikia: information about fundraising, fundraising organisations, and links to LDIs for fundraising
    • OPD: LDIs for fundraising
  • Events wikia: Information about future and past events.
    • OPD: organization of events
  • Conferences wikia: Information and discussion about conferences.
    • OPD: Organization of conferences
  • Community communication wikia: theory about communities and communities themselves
    • OPD: the projects of the communities
  • Ecovillage wikia: ressources about all ecovillages and projects
    • Direct management of projects

And of course any LDI for any topic can link to the specific wikia as a source. E.g. a Sustainable LDI in Australia can link to the Australia wikia for info about Australian ressources and so on. Vice-versa on the Australia wikia there could be a link to the "Open Australian Projects" of OPD.

Feel free to make proposals on the discussion page.

Handled points Edit

Structure Edit

Done -

Net created

Done by: Let's

Done -

Net namespace created

Done by: Angela

Done -

Requests and collaboration

Done by: Let's

Discussion Edit

Done -

Created discussion in wikia's forum

Done by: Let's

Next goals Edit

To do -

Create a "community" and "info" namespace

Members Edit

Feel free to join the project.

Active members Edit


Let's - Founder of OPD

Interested people Edit

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