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This page lists OPD related websites and organizations, and describes OPD's differences and relationship to them (read WikiNode for relation to specific wikis).

Websites for and about Collaboration and project management Edit

Websites about Collaboration and Project Management Edit

OPD is not about collaboration: this website should contain very few theories about collaboration, but link to others (like Meta Collab) for specific info.

Websites for Collaboration and Project Management Edit

OPD is for collaboration and project management. Differences between OPD and other websites: it's a HOLDI: it hosts open projects, the projects are accessible through the open structure of the wiki. The way to develop projects can as well be developed. A net of sister and son projects can be created. Nobody "owns" a project: ideas can develop eachselves through the free contribution of anyone.


  • OPD is currently the only existing HOLDI.




Software Edit

Software for collaborative project management Edit

Projects are not hosted by the website.

Software for communication Edit

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