Let's clean our city
Ladder 6 August 2006

This is an environmental project. It's a project for little actions, that everyone can do in order to make a cleaner environment. The first section of this project is for garbage collecting. Feel free to add new sections. If you have no idea of what you could do, take a look in Sustainable Community Action wiki on theReducing pollution - personal options page.

Goals Edit

Goal -

Let's create a better environment!

Story Edit

  • Project started Sunday the 6th of August 2006.
  • Project main page has been written
  • Garbage tours have started on Monday, the 7th of August

How to join Edit

If you want to join please

  • log in and add your signature under Collectors.
  • Each time you make a "garbage colecting tour" in your city, please write it down in the "Garbage Tour" chapter
  • If you have messages, questions , proposals, add them in the discussion page.

Garbage tour Edit

If you get to collect some garbage somewhere, here's the place where you can tell it. If you want you can put also additional information (the city where you collected the garbage, when, where did you put the garbage and so on).

Garbage tours: Edit

Done -

Piace's tours

Done by: Piace

  • Rivera (Switzerland) at 6.00 pm
  • Sigirino (Switzerland) at 10.00 am
  • Sigirino (Switzerland) the 29th september 2006

Next goals Edit

To do -

Add other little actions

To do -

Add other points to Reducing pollution-personal options

Collectors Edit


Piace - Member of the project


Let's - Member of the project

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