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To know what LDI is, read The LDI concept

Statement -

LDI is not made just to store information

It is active and wants something to happen, wants people to do something.

Statement -

LDI is not a discussion forum

It is possible to create discussion pages, but only if related to a goal. That means: in that page one has to come to a conclusion, to resolve a point, and then the project goes on. If an LDI becomes a forum, it can be categorized as inactive LDI.

Statement -

LDI is not a blog

One cannot describe what he wants in an LDI, but only describe how a project goes on, and organize it. If there's only one person contributing to an LDI but it doesn't get a kind of "private page" of the user, it cannot be categorized as a blog.

Statement -

LDI is not for publicity

A page that just links to a project, to a forum or to a blog, is not an LDI. There can be a project like "Increasing the visitors of my website", and it's ok if the developer uses the page to sign what he does in order to accomplish his goal, his successes, and so on - if he develops it.

Read also LDI deletion

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