Qua stenderò le bozze dell'introduzione, e infine quella finale.

Introduzione Personale Edit


There's nothing

Hashem al-'Aza

They stole the olives.

There's Nothing

Let's go down there

the settlers try to convince soldiers to stop the harvesting.

Go get them out of there.

I can't tell them anything

of course, they're not allowed in this neighbourhood.

So keep them busy while we wait.

They're stealing the olives.

Palestinians are permitted to pick the olives.

But there's a restricted entry order for foreigners.

Foreigners aren't allowed here.

Let's go down there ourselves until they kick them out.

It belongs to our neighbourhood.

All this belongs to our neighbourhood.

They are allowed to pick the olives.

This is a Palestinian grove

He's standing right in our neighbourhood

It belongs to this neighbourhood

The olive tree belongs to the Palestinians

What about the photographer?

Photographer aren't allowed here, only Palestinian families

(To the photographer)Go on, get the hell down there.

The settlers decide to forcibly prevent the harvest.

Go on, you Nazi, get down there

Go down, please

Am I disturbing you?

-yes you are

Do you own these stairs?


Why? Did you build them?

The man who murdered my father came from down there.

Because you help them get there

-they're all murderers, Nazi.

The man who murdered my father came from down there.

Because you enable them to do so

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Who do you think you are?

Look man, look!

You are a thief!

I am a true Palestinian

You are not Palestinian

You are welcome to my house

-You came from Egypt, Jordan


You can take them to Tel Aviv

He’s attacking us with a shovel!


He’s attacking us with a shovel!


You, stop!


Who killed my father? maybe your nice friends killed my father!!

You used those lands to kill my father

Many Jews were in my house

-You have no right to be here

I will beat them, yes!

You kill Jews, like you started to in the Holocaust

Yes, it’s nothing, it’s nothing

And you continued in Hebron, you killed Jews

Jews have no rights

If they buy land, you have to throw them out

If they have a house from their parents,

from their grandfather, you have to throw them out

Because they are Jews,

Jews have no right to live

Despite the High court’s instruction to enable Palestinian to reach all of their lands and harvest their olives, in many cases the army does not provide the necessary protection

Argomentazioni Edit

Introduzione Generale Edit

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