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Organize yourself online!Edit

This is a little wiki. Let's help each other! If you believe in this idea, open a project, even if it's little, and realise it, maybe with your friends.

  • Do you want to organize a dinner outside? Create the project, and show the link to the people you want to come. Do you want to organizate your holliday? Create the project and describe how the thing develops.
  • Do you go running? Join the Jogging LDI and just write when you go, how much do you run and so on.
  • Do you want to make a party? Open the project, write the locality where it takes place, and write what you need to organize it. To who's interested you give the link, maybe someone contributes by bringing something, or by offering a room and so on.
  • Do you have to prepare yourself for an exam? That's a project, too. Organize yourself on the website. Describe when you have the exams, what do you need to do it, the studying techniques... It could be very interesting for other people for others, seeing how you organize yourself, and your project could grow in a bigger one: let's organize our exams. Wouldn't it be great if you wrote: "I need documentation on this, this, this..." and the next day you found the links to the things you need?
  • Are you painting your house? Tell in an LDI how you do it. Think about your surprise if a person living in your country offered painting your home if you helped him painting his!

- Other proposals and ideas are here

Perhaps at the beginning there will be just individual projects. But it's a beginning. The contribution instinct of the human being will bring the first to join the second, and the third to join the first... Make experiments. LDIs are totally new, also to me, nobody knows the real possibilities of this kind of project. At the beginning, use this wiki just as a substitute of paper: instead of developing your things on note blocks and so on, you do it here.

Enter the net Edit

As you can see in the Net page, there is a structure of topics from where to start for the creation of LDIs, for finding ideas, sources, help from like-minded people. Join the community you want, talk, discuss and ask for proposals. Maybe you'll found a little group of people that wants to start a project with you.

For any question I am here, and if you want no-matter-who to answer to you write it here (probably it will be I)

The admin --Let's 20:49, 23 August 2006 (UTC)