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Content Edit

This page shows the structure and the content of Open Project Development. Currently it's the guidelines' starting page as well.

Newcomers Edit

If you're new to wikis, you'd better read the wikipedia tutorial. It's perfect for beginners.

If you're new to LDIs, on which this wiki is based, here are some articles you may read. Some of your questions may be answered here:

  1. Why should I use this wikia?
  2. What is an LDI?
  3. If you believe in this idea
  4. Request an LDI
  5. How to start an LDI
  6. How to contribute to an LDI

If you still have some questions, you can write them here (the question page), or here (the admin's talk page).

The projects Edit

OPD has a net of topics, communities, information pages and projects from where you can start if you want to find people and ideas for a specific project:

These are the ways to get to the LDIs:


Open Project Development Edit

About this website:

Guidelines Edit

Policies Edit

Features Edit

OPD and the world Edit

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