Amateur Filmmaking
Camera October 13 2006
Toronto, Canada

My brother and I are amateur filmmakers. We don't make any money, we spend it on making videos!

Thought we can't be the only ones out there with this hobby, so why not make a LDI focusing on the ins and outs of trying to put together a zero budget production?

Let's help each other out with tips, tweaks, ideas and advice on getting the most from the least.

The LDI of all this? Lets make movies!


We've finished our first feature length truly independent movie. Gonna screen it at Celts Pub, downstairs in the private room on March 10th. 9 PM. 2872 Dundas St W. Dundas and Keele. Visit for more info!

Come out and have some fun! Open to the public.

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First off equipment - What we use

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